Women’s Leadership

Learn how to act with assertiveness in uncertainty, turn unexpected obstacles into opportunities, and discover how to own the space you're in!


how we’re different

We’re designing programs which are lead by our fantastic, female facilitators.

We use principles and exercises from improvisation to deliver learning experiences which change the ways individuals work.

We help create environments where everyone feels empowered to share their ideas. But also their feedback too. Knowing that both will be heard and built on.



We deliver workshops with personality and energy, in a warm and relaxed environment that makes people actually want to take risks, learn how to be comfortable while being uncomfortable, and embrace our philosophy of ‘Yes, and.’

We demonstrate how you can begin to see failure as an inevitable part of your journey, and a resource to be used. We’ll teach you to see the possibilities in mistakes, so you can harness their power, and feel more confident in any situation.


What you’ll learn

How to effectively support, and encourage other women and marginalized voices in professional settings.

How to own the room you’re in with confidence, knowing that you can speak off the cuff, embrace obstacles, and have difficult conversations.

How to show your best self in any setting, through empowered presentation skills, leadership or expert storytelling.


Who We’re working with


"Our mission at FUTURES is to support more women achieve their career potential. However, confidence can often be a barrier and we wanted to do something about it. We worked with the brilliant team at Hoopla who ran a training session using improv to help women build confidence at work. The facilitators were professional, energetic and engaging. Best of all, attendees walked away with actionable tools they could apply straight away across their businesses. Highly recommend!"

- Cristina Loaiza, FUTURES network Co-Founder



“We really enjoyed the session and learned some great games and exercises that we will continue to use.  It was a really fun way to get everyone working together”

— Katie Jenkins, YouTube



“If you’re looking to improve communication and collaboration within your team, this is by far the best team offsite I’ve been a part of. We walked away with communication techniques that will stick with us for a lifetime.”

- Andrew Valencia Yan, FACEBOOK


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