Impossible sounds like a big promise, right? But the truth is: impossible is a relative thing. It’s different for each person and every team. And for over 11 years we’ve helped people do things that they thought they could never do. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s what keeps us up till late at night.

At Hoopla we do boring-proof professional development. We don’t do workshops: we offer learning experiences. Experience being the key word. Because we believe people learn more when they do stuff. And they learn best when they’re having a laugh.

We don’t do cheesy though, relax. We won’t have you building a hut in the woods with Keith from accounts. We won’t we bore you to death with Powerpoint. We use interactive exercises that help people get better at things they do every day. Along the way we get people talking to each other in ways they’ve never done before. And fill the room with huge energy and belly laughter.

But this isn’t a comedy workshop. Our experiences create a really safe space for your team to try new skills and fail. By coaxing you out of your comfort zone we create lasting change. This is how we help people achieve the impossible.