Innovation Training


what we teach?

It’s a Hoopla founding principle that everyone is creative, and ideas can and should come from every corner of your business. In our improv for business workshops we train your people to defeat their own inner critic so they can fearlessly tackle the blank page.


solution focused

Our innovation training shows teams how to move from problems to innovative solutions. We unlock creativity by making a big scary concept a series of simple steps and create environments where everyone feels invited to input and build with their teams.


adapt to succeed

When everything is changing so damn fast businesses are often forced to improvise. It’s what gets talked about as “agility”. We teach a process where you can fail fast, learn quickly, and land the right ideas.


Who we’re working with


Hoopla Business ran a great day-long session for us using improvisation to help us take more creative risks. It was lots of fun and we took away some key learnings.

— Suzanne McKenna, Commercial Director, BBC WORLDWIDE

“Accenture engaged Hoopla to host energising and educational breakout sessions during a recent training day. These sessions were based on Hoopla’s collaboration insights. Participants were taught to improve their listening skills, build upon the ideas of their colleagues, and how to generate a huge number of creative ideas in a short time. They led the sessions to universal acclaim, with many participants listing it as the highlight of their day. Very very funny, with valuable lessons to take back to the office. They were extremely helpful and responsive as we arranged the event, and a pleasure to work with. We’ll definitely be using Hoopla again!”

— Jack Westerman, ACCENTURE



We worked with Hoopla to deliver us a full day of insight and training into the art of story-telling. The feedback from everyone has been excellent and the results have clearly been a team who feel more confident in their ability to tell stories to clients, colleagues and even friends. I would wholeheartedly recommend Max and the Hoopla team.

— Alex Altman, Managing Director, MEC


More courses


Tell stories that cut through the noise.

Team building

We use improvisation to teach the secrets of creative, agile and happy teams.

Powerful presentation skills

Public speaking is listed as people’s number one fear. More scary than death.