Speakers Club

The new, effective way to smash through your fear of public speaking.

The Speakers Club is by far the most fun and practical public speaking course I have ever taken! In the classroom, you will learn a lot of tricks and techniques to improve your presentation skills, while getting many opportunities to directly practice in the class. I came out of it a lot more confident in my ability to structure a presentation, make it relevant to the audience and speak in front of a crowd which is exactly what I wanted from this course... I think I have finally got rid of my absolutely fear of speaking in front of people, which is massively exciting!

Thank you for these 6 weeks of learning and fun! I had a great time :)
— Jessy Conflon, Head of Marketing PAYBASE

you’re just 6 weeks away from being a great public speaker.

Introducing the new approach to public speaking which will help you overcome your public speaking fear forever, so you can show the world who you really are.

The Hoopla Speaker’s Club helps emerging leaders who want to super-charge their career through the power of public speaking.


what you’ll learn


this actually works

Public speaking isn’t one of those things you get better at by reading a book. You need to do it. A lot. On this course you do.

No B.S.

Our courses have a unique structure. 6 workshops spread over 6 consecutive weeks. This is crucially important because it’s the reps that get you good.


Anyone who says they can fix your fears in a day, isn’t telling the truth. After all, you can’t get a six pack after one visit to the gym. But after 6 sessions you’ll feel and see amazing improvements. And so will your audience.

There is a real art to public speaking and it’s not something you can get from a book. The value of Hoopla’s speaker’s club is it offers a safe space to practice, in a fun yet insightful way. It’s well organised, good value and Max really knows his stuff. Would recommend to anyone who presents to others as part of their job.
— Dr. Andrew McFaull, Lecturer in Accounting and Financial Education at King’s Business School, King's College London


Massive amounts of fun

Every workshop is experiential, energetic and delivered with dollops of personality by an expert trainer. We create an environment that you’ll love to return to every week, so that your association with public speaking is not terror but joy.

Meet the most interesting people in London


At our courses you’ll meet fascinating people and grow your network. Hoopla isn’t just a training company, it is a social circle. You’ll brush shoulders with start-up founders, pioneering technologists and inspiring thought leaders to name just a few. We believe that who you learn with is as important as what you learn, and on this course you won’t just leave with more confidence: you’ll make new friends too.

Amazing value for money

Our courses are priced so that they are accessible to everyone. We want to meet the most passionate, interesting people in London. Not just the richest.

We train the best and brightest.

Speakers club is outstanding. It’s very well organised with concrete tips on how to structure your writing for speeches and presentations. More crucially, though, the course gives you legitimate confidence to speak in front of an audience—even on the spot without notes. This is particularly valuable as I think the skills learned will bleed into other aspects of my professional life, giving me a heightened ability to engage with C-suite individuals and express my ideas. To top it all off it’s extremely fun with really good people in attendance! Couldn’t recommend it enough.
— Jaimie Gregory, Programme Development Specialist at Plan International UK + Writer

Upcoming Course Dates: 

Classes take place from 7pm - 9:30pm in Central London over 6 consecutive weeks.

CLASS 1 - Tuesday, 14 January, 2020 at Theatre Deli Rehearsal Studios
CLASS 2 - Tuesday, 21 January, 2020 at Theatre Deli Rehearsal Studios
CLASS 3 - Tuesday, 28 January, 2020 at Theatre Deli Rehearsal Studios
CLASS 4 - Tuesday, 4 February, 2020 at Theatre Deli Rehearsal Studios
CLASS 5 - Tuesday, 11 February, 2020 at Theatre Deli Rehearsal Studios
CLASS 6 - Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 at Theatre Deli Rehearsal Studios

for questions please email hello@hooplabusiness.com

What We Cover

We’ll take you from beginner to expert presenter over six weeks. Workshops are from 7pm till 9:30pm in Central London so it’s super easy to get to after work. The content includes:

  • Charisma Fast: speak with confidence and warmth by learning 5 steps to irresistible charisma.

  • Pillars of Structure: how to generate content and structure it in the most powerful way possible to influence your audience.

  • Storytelling Magic: how to use stories to hook your audience’s attention, explain difficult concepts, and move them emotionally to action.

  • The Improv Edge: how to use the power of improvisation to speak off the cuff and handle any audience response. No preparation? No problem.

  • Never Feel Nervous Again: use five powerful principles from performance psychology, developed in tandem with our resident psychologist Dr Martin Perry.

  • Be you, but more so: we’ll develop your personal strengths, stop your weaknesses kicking your butt, and start with your unique personality so you develop a speaking style that is authentically you.

  • How to speak without notes: trick and tips to memorize content and present without using your slides as a crutch.

Who is this course for?

  • Nervous or reluctant presenters who want to learn new skills and step-up.

  • Decent public speakers who want to take the next leap to inspiring, memorable communication.

  • Emerging leaders who want to build their personal brand through speaking.

  • Change makers who want to inspire their audience with their vision and purpose. Maybe you’re a start-up founder, or a leader at a non-profit. Or maybe you’ve got a side hustle that you want to grow: speaking spreads your story and helps you make things happen.

If that’s you: BOOK NOW.

Gabby Instructor.jpg

Your instructor, Gabby best!

Gabby is a comedian, actor and writer. She trained at The Oxford School of drama and went on to win the Funny Women Awards. She can be seen / heard on BBC, Channel 4, Netflix and Radio 4 and most recently starred in Sharon Horgan’s BAFTA winning ‘Dreamland’ for Sky Arts. She will be taking her sell out Edinburgh show '10,432 Sheep' to the Soho Theatre in 2020 and is currently filming God of the Games for Comedy Central.

Gabby has drawn upon her training and experience, working as a facilitator with Sounds Like Chaos, The Agency BAC and The Single Homelessness Project. She is particularly interested in working with non-performers - using comedy and improvisation to build confidence and free the voice.


I’m not a leader, is this suitable for me?

YES! We define a leader as someone who is in a position to influence someone, and we’re sure that is you.

What are the dates / times of the course?

Classes are weekly, and take place every for 6 weeks from ,14th of January 2020 to Tuesday, 18nd of February 2020. Each class will be on Tuesday with exception to the first class.

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm each week

The class is showing as sold out. How can I buy a seat in an upcoming session?

Please email hello@hooplabusiness.com to join the waitlist for an upcoming session.

What will the course take place?

Theatre Deli Studios, 2 Finsbury Ave, London EC2M 2PA (Closest stations are Moorgate + Liverpool)

Do I have to attend every session?

Life is busy. Sometimes we have to miss stuff: brunch, work drinks, your brother’s wedding. We get it! Ideally you’d attend every session. But if you attend 4 then that isn’t the end of the world.

I’m a total beginner am I going to be out of my depth?

The approach will be bespoke to each individual in the group. If you’re good, we’ll stretch you to be great. If you’re new to speaking, we’ll take it slow and build you up brick by brick.

I’m quite good. Will I get anything out of it?

Yes. You’ll learn a tool box techniques to add a ‘WOW’ factor to your presentations and talks.

The class is sold out, what do I do?

Get on your knees and pray. Not really. Just email us hello@hooplabusiness.com  We’ll add you to the mailing list and let you know when the next one is on sale. Won’t be long.

More questions?

Drop us a line: hello@hooplabusiness.com

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