Great storytelling puts your audience in the middle of your message, so that it emotionally connects and moves them to action.

Storytelling is what makes us human. It’s in our DNA. And yet from the sales oor to the C-suite, storytelling falls victim to dull pitches and underwhelming emails. But we believe stories have never been more important. In a world of noise, they provide signal. In the information age, they’re a crucial business skill. Our Storytelling Workshops help bring your product, processes, ideas, and data to life. Through a series of interactive exercises, your team will learn to command attention through stories that make the audience the hero. Because when the audience is the hero, the audience is listening.

Our story-telling learning experience:

The beginning: The power of story

In the first part of our storytelling course we teach you:

  • The science of why stories work and why they are crucial part of communication.

  • Story telling tool box: practical tips and tricks  that you can use straight away to tell great stories for personal impact.

  • How to structure a story, with a template you can use to tell great stories every time.

We worked with Hoopla to deliver us a full day of insight and training into the art of story-telling. The feedback from everyone has been excellent and the results have clearly been a team who feel more confident in their ability to tell stories to clients, colleagues and even friends. I would wholeheartedly recommend Max and the Hoopla team.
— Alex Altman, Managing Director, MEC

The middle: Using stories to grow your business - bespoke modules for your needs

  • Storytelling for pitches: explain and sell your innovative product, service or idea with story.

  • Storytelling for strategy: land a strategy internally with story.

  • Storytelling for personal brand: tell your story better in speeches, networking events or online.


The end: Follow up

You’ll leave with templates you can use again and again and follow-up resources to embed the learning.

Turn your people into brand ambassadors who can tell the compelling, engaging story of your business.

We would highly recommend you to other corporates looking to engage their executives to articulate their people in their vision, purpose and strategy.
— Karyn Hobbs, Director, QBE

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