Helen Ip – AMAZON
Hoopla Business provided a very good session that challenged us to approach situations and people from a different angle. It was good fun and Max made everyone feel comfortable immediately so everyone couldn’t wait to get involved.
— Helen Ip, Marketing Manager, AMAZON
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Skaiste Stralyte – SPARK 44
The workshops were absolutely amazing. Everyone who attended loved it. We certainly were left inspired. The staff said this was the best training workshops they’ve ever had
— Skaiste Stralyte, Project Manager, SPARK 44
Max DickinsTestimonials
Victoria Ellis – 101 LONDON
Max ran a session for an agency/client team here at 101 on what makes people laugh. With a very light brief from myself, he created a memorable and engaging session which covered principles of humour illustrated by some great, imaginative examples as well as a variety of interactive fun exercises. He had a natural presence, held everyone’s attention brilliantly and provided some genuine and helpful insights into the craft of ‘funny’. Feedback on the session from all attendees was very good and I would highly recommend him!
— Victoria Ellis, Business Leader, 101 LONDON
Max DickinsTestimonials
We were so pleased to have had Max and Steve/Hoopla run an improv insights session during Lynda Gratton’s London Masterclass with 90 delegates. They positioned the session well within our collaborative learning theme and engaged the audience brilliantly, including accommodating the needs of non-native English speakers who gave the session the highest possible rating. They were a showstopper and we received amazing feedback, so much so that Lynda and our team here invited them to join us for our flagship international conference in Sydney the following month – another roaring success. We particularly appreciated how Steve and Max tailored the content to our event and worked with us to ensure we were happy with the content and delivery - we will definitely work with them again in the future.
— Emma Burchill, Head of Research, HOT SPOTS MOVEMENT
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Jack Westerman – ACCENTURE
Accenture engaged Hoopla Business to host energising and educational breakout sessions during a recent training day. The three sessions based on Hoopla’s “Creativity Thinking” exercises. Participants were taught to improve their listening skills, build upon the ideas of their colleagues, and how to generate a huge number of creative ideas in a short time. Max Dickins and Steve Roe lead the sessions to universal acclaim, with many participants listing it as the highlight of their day. Very very funny, with valuable lessons to take back to the office. Max was extremely helpful and responsive as we arranged the event, and a pleasure to work with. We’ll definitely be using Hoopla again!
— Jack Westerman, Digital Strategy Consultant, ACCENTURE
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Claire Canty – WEETABIX
Max’s improv session for us at Weetabix was energetic, hilarious & brightened up everyone’s afternoon - I’m pretty sure there is no group of people, no matter what industry or situation, that Max cannot get up on their feet, and throwing themselves into things! It was a brilliant way for us to forget about the stresses of the week, and interact in a way we’d never done before. Max held the room brilliantly, he is fantastic at making people feel totally at ease and an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Claire Canty, Head of Innovation, WEETABIX
Max DickinsTestimonials
We brought Hoopla in to help inspire some new behaviours we are trying to embed in our culture and their approach to exploring curiosity, creativity and idea building was completely on point. They understood the brief and made it feel real for our entire company. People felt opened up, energised and excited about exploring new possibilities; exactly what we wanted. I can’t recommend them enough.
— Tuula Rea, Planning Director, THE MARKETING STORE WORLDWIDE
Max DickinsTestimonials
We worked with Max & Hoopla to design and run a 2-3 hour session for my whole team. To be frank, we had no idea what to expect: but Hoopla were strongly recommended to us. Max took a high-energy, engaging, sleeves-rolled-up approach to running the session; and within 5 minutes he had us out of our perceived comfort zone … and really enjoying it. In summary: high energy, unpredictable, and really good fun. And we learned stuff!
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Alex Altman – MEC
We worked with Hoopla to deliver us a full day of insight and training into the art of story-telling. The feedback from everyone has been excellent and the results have clearly been a team who feel more confident in their ability to tell stories to clients, colleagues and even friends. I would wholeheartedly recommend Max and the Hoopla team.
— Alex Altman, Managing Director, MEC
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Karyn Hobbs – QBE
We would highly recommend you to other corporates looking to engage their executives to articulate their people in their vision, purpose and strategy.
— Karyn Hobbs, Director, QBE
Max DickinsTestimonials
Wendy Maitland – THOMSON REUTERS
Thank you very for your brilliant contribution to our conference in Barcelona. You drew a great response from out thousand strong sales team and the skills you taught them will give them a real competitive edge in the market place.
— Wendy Maitland, Marketing Events Manager, THOMSON REUTERS
Max DickinsTestimonials
Chelsea Larsson – ZENDESK
Thanks again for conducting your keynote at Relate Live London! You got a great response in the room and this was confirmed by attendee chatter on the Relate Live app , which proved that it was a real hit.
— Chelsea Larsson, Marketing Director, ZENDESK
Max DickinsTestimonials
Christopher Koch – NBC UNIVERSAL
We worked with Hoopla Business for a learning experience focused on creativity and design. Hoopla did an amazing job of laying the ground work for a very creative session through improv. They guided us through a lot of wonderfully creative improv exercises but more importantly were able to tie back everything we did to how it can help us in our day to day lives and on the job.
— Christopher Koch, Talent Development Manager, NBC UNIVERSAL
Max DickinsTestimonials
Jayna Kerai – PENTLAND
The workshop from Hoopla Business was a great experience. We participated in a number of games and exercises which really brought out the importance of communicating, listening, making others look good and acceptance all whilst having lots of laughs. The group were pretty nervous at first, but by the end of it they were all glad they participated and got lots of value from it. I would definitely recommend everyone to step out of their comfort zone and give it a go. Thank you Hoopla!
— Jayna Kerai, Learning and Development Manager, PENTLAND
Max DickinsTestimonials
Hoopla Business was by far the most fun and effective day of team building that we have done. Every single one of our staff remarked how much they enjoyed the day. This was particularly surprising give the absolute terror that most were expressing prior to the offsite. Max did a great job making everyone feel immediately relaxed and before no time at all, he had us laughing like 10 year old kids at the playground. The amount of fun we had is not to diminish the really great lessons we learned about collaboration and communication. From a business perspective, the Directors all agreed that this was easily the best value and most effective training spend we have made to date. Well done Max. Keep up the great work. We’ll be back for a refresher next year.
— Nils Johnson, Founder and CEO, SPENCE JOHNSON
Max DickinsTestimonials
Chris Bradley – 2020 DELIVERY
Many, many thanks for your workshop yesterday at The Grove. It really set the day up and we continued to use many of your ideas throughout the day and into the early hours of the next morning! We ended up in a good place and developed some amazing new ideas on where we could take our business next. It was a real pleasure to work with you and felt like you were able to get to know us quickly.
— Chris Bradley, CEO, 2020 DELIVERY
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Joanna Chan – WDHB
We hired Hoopla Business to do a session with our client Schneider Electric as part of a leadership learning week in London. And I’m glad we did: it was the highlight of our group’s time in London. Hoopla provided brilliant insights on communication in fun, simple and sticky language. Their positive energy and great presence were incredibly well appreciated by the group!
— Joanna Chan, Program Manager, WDHB
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