Desreen Greet, Method
I can honestly say that we had the best time ever!! We only had an idea of the shape of things to come but it certainly surpassed our expectations. The facilitators were great fun and brilliant and setting up each stage of the workshop. We laughed so hard, learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so please thank them for us!
— Desreen Greet, Method
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Max DickinsTestimonials
Alistair Pike - SONY Pictures TV
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the session yesterday, everyone really enjoyed it and Steve was absolutely great! I think initially there’s always that worry when the term ‘improv comedy’ gets announced and everyone seemed a bit daunted(!), but the team sessions were so much fun and genuinely and effectively collaborative. 
— Alistair Pike, Sony Pictures Television
Max DickinsTestimonials
Emily Drew - Box
Thanks so much for your amazing storytelling session. I just wanted to let you know that you scored 5/5 on the feedback!
— Emily Drew, Box
Joe Gilford - PWC
Thanks for making the event yesterday such a success. The feedback we had from the group was extremely positive. You did an amazing job. It was fast paced and fun, the learning points also came through really clearly. You all showed your skills as improvisers, which was really entertaining and positioned it perfectly with the audience who got fully involved. We appreciate the time that you spent getting to understand the event before hand.
— Joe Gilford, PWC
Luke Gregory - Facebook
Hoopla ran a fantastic Powerful Presentation Skills day with my team of 10. The session was carefully tailored to the specific needs of the team and had a tangible impact on the individuals in the group. Max combines huge energy with dedication and expertise in his craft.
— Luke Gregory, Facebook
Laura Mcilwaine P&G
Just a quick note to say thanks again for such a fantastic session yesterday. We’ve had brilliant feedback from everyone on how much they enjoyed it and how much they learnt -so big thank you!!
— Laura Mcilwaine P&G
Katie Jenkins - YouTube
“We really enjoyed the session and learned some great games and exercises that we will continue to use.  It was a really fun way to get everyone working together”
— Katie Jenkins, YouTube
Story-telling lies at the very heart of the best marketing in today’s world, and Max’s understanding and articulation of how to construct great stories has already had a positive impact on the work we’re doing for our clients
— Ben Tyson, Managing Director, BORN SOCIAL
Tom Ollerton – WE ARE SOCIAL
Hoopla’s dynamic and brilliant workshop got everyone out of their comfort zones and showed how the principles and skills of improv can help teams that aren’t technically ‘creative’ learn to think creatively. Our directors unanimously agreed that we should incorporate the techniques Hoopla introduced into our day-to-day meetings and idea generation sessions.
— Tom Ollerton, Marketing and Innovation Director, WE ARE SOCIAL
Rob Hoyle - North Highland
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I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for the great work you did at the North Highland Action Day. I am still receiving compliments about the quality of the Improv session – we were delighted by the impact you had on our London team.
— Rob Hoyle, North Highland
Suzanne McKenna – BBC WORLDWIDE
Hoopla Business ran a great day-long session for us using improvisation to help us take more creative risks. It was lots of fun and we took away some key learnings.
— Suzanne McKenna, Commercial Director, BBC WORLDWIDE
Claire Canty – WEETABIX
Max’s improv session for us at Weetabix was energetic, hilarious & brightened up everyone’s afternoon - I’m pretty sure there is no group of people, no matter what industry or situation, that Max cannot get up on their feet, and throwing themselves into things! It was a brilliant way for us to forget about the stresses of the week, and interact in a way we’d never done before. Max held the room brilliantly, he is fantastic at making people feel totally at ease and an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Claire Canty, Head of Innovation, WEETABIX
Christopher Koch – NBC UNIVERSAL
We worked with Hoopla Business for a learning experience focused on creativity and design. Hoopla did an amazing job of laying the ground work for a very creative session through improv. They guided us through a lot of wonderfully creative improv exercises but more importantly were able to tie back everything we did to how it can help us in our day to day lives and on the job.
— Christopher Koch, Talent Development Manager, NBC UNIVERSAL