Bringing ideas to life


We can stop you being boring. That’s not to say you are boring. We know you aren’t. But we also know that people in business often choose to communicate in a boring way because it’s ‘professional’ or because ‘it’s how we’ve always done things’ or even simply because they didn’t know any better.

That’s where we come in: we can help you make your brilliant ideas sing.


Here's how:

1. Act / React Forum Theatre

Using our specially designed forum theatre methodology ‘Act/React’ we can help you drive behavioural change in an engaging way.

In an Act/React session we take a brief from you to write true to life scenes showing your people interacting with each other in a variety of different scenarios. These scenes are written in collaboration with you, so that they offer a credible and real example of what people say and do every day.

But these sessions aren’t just about the status quo. It’s about tomorrow: showing the behaviours that will help you win in the future. Drama is a great way to do this. It takes the abstract and makes it human and relatable. Plus, with our improvisation twists, the audience are involved at every step. We act. You react.

We’ve used it with huge brands: including pharmaceutical company Baxter; facilities giant Sodexo; car brand Jaguar Land Rover; and radio company Global.


Get in touch today to find out more. We’d love to show you how we can help.

2. Immersive marketing experiences

We provide ideas, scripts and actors for immersive marketing experiences. We can help you with everything from concept to delivery: casting, directing and writing too. The briefs we’ve answered are as diverse as the brands we’ve served, including: