Presentation Skills Training


what we teach?

As well as our improv for business workshops and our corporate storytelling training, we also teach powerful presentation skills that allow you to land your ideas with any audience.

Using our unique insights from more than a decade of experience in front of audiences, combined with our trademark fun and dynamic delivery style, your people will be transformed.


we know it’s scary

Public speaking is listed as people’s number one fear. More scary than death. Which is why it’s crucial to establish a warm and positive training environment for students to practice presenting. And that’s what you get: road-tested insights, delivered with personality and energy, in a warm relaxed environment that makes people actually want to get up in front of an audience.


Subjects we’ll cover include

· Charisma fast: Speak with confidence and warmth by learning 5 steps to irresistible charisma.

· Pillars of structure: How to brainstorm content for your presentation and then structure it in the most powerful way possible to influence your audience.

· Storytelling magic: How to use stories to hook your audience’s attention, explain difficult concepts, and move them emotionally to action.

· The improv for business edge: Use the skills of improvisation to speak off the cuff and handle any audience response.

· Never feel nervous again: Use 5 powerful principles from performance psychology, created in tandem with our resident psychologist Dr Martin Perry.


Who we’re working with


“I’ve been to numerous training sessions like this over the years, and this really stood out. Was interactive without being cringey, there were good tips to take away and most of all it was a really fun day. He’s a great teacher.”

- Workshop participant, M&C SAATCHI



“The best session I’ve ever put-on at ITV.”

— Jon Block, ITV



“It was absolutely brilliant. This was the best training session we’ve ever had at 02.”

- Natalie Nightingale, TELEFONICA/O2


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