Improv for Sales

Hoopla delivered an impressive session. When you hear improvisation, you’ll never think it has something to do with your day to day job. But our trainers were able to bring the message home after each fun exercise. I know now, how to handle better challenges & questions from our customers.
— Veronica Amestoy, Lead Solution Engineer

Sales people get a bad reputation, and we’re determined to change that.

In the improv model of sales, the sales process is dynamic and evolving in real time. We teach salespeople to be active and present. Your script will appear in the context of the conversation. And that conversation has never happened before, and will never happen again.

Plus we will use our insights as storytellers to help you use the power of stories to establish rapport, strengthen client buy in, and communicate customer success and value.

You did an amazing job. It was fast paced and fun, the learning points also came through really clearly. Both trainers showed their skills as improvisers, which was really entertaining and positioned it perfectly with the audience who got fully involved. Plus, we appreciate the time that you spent getting to understand the event before hand. Thank you!
— Joe Gilford, PWC

Great sales people make their clients feel like the hero.

We understand that sales is about people. We’ll teach your sales teams to be active listeners and true collaborators with their clients. They’ll learn to embrace objections as an opportunity, and yes the philosophy of “Yes, and…” to overcome them. They will learn to to use questions to seek information, and reinforce value, using the improv skill of reincorporation, all while talking off the cuff and off script.



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